Collection (now) -painting, sculpture, Prints + special exhibition: three paintings by Suzuki Ministry

From the work that Meguro Museum of Art has added to the collection in the wake of the exhibition and exhibition of works, I will take up contemporary art since the 1980s. This is a modern sculpture by Noeda Aoki and Keizo Tadazu. A miniature painting by a pencil, Norio Shinoda, Yuriko Terasaki. It is a print.
I will introduce the works of Nobuo Yamanaka in the photograph. In addition, a series exhibition featuring the theme of “Color”, “green-rich Shadow” (2001), “Yellow-power of the Earth” and “light of the Sky” (2004) exhibited artists and three Suzuki ministry paintings.

Date: February 16, 2019 (Sat)-March 24, 2019 (Sun) Time: 10:00 ~ 18:00
(admission until 17:30) Closed: Monday Admission: General 600 (450) yen
University, high school, aged 65 and older, 450 (350) yen
Free for elementary and junior high school students
* Free of charge for handicapped persons and people with disabilities.
* Admission fee for groups of 20 or more persons.
* People living in Meguro-ku, Meguro-ku, and those who live in Meguro-ku, will receive a group fee when presenting proof documents at the reception desk.
* Various discounts cannot be used together.
Sponsor: Meguro Museum of Art,Tokyo , Meguro-ku Arts and Culture Foundation Co-operation: Kojima Bijuku Room
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Collection (now) ―painting, sculpture, prints

The Meguro Museum of Art, based on the basic policy of forming a systematic collection to understand the flow and characteristics of modern art, was the preparation room for the museum, in particular, a collection of works focused on relations between the Japanese painter and the West in 1981. I started from the year. Since its opening in 1987, the museum has been introducing collections in the form of a collection exhibition every year as well as cutting out modern and contemporary art from various perspectives and summarizing it as an exhibition.
The collection of the museum has grown to be more fulfilling, not only with the works purchased in accordance with the basic policy, but also by the donations made by the artist himself, the bereaved family and the people of the collection. This exhibition is a collection of exhibitions and works exhibited by the museum, and it mainly covers contemporary art since the 1980s. A modern sculpture by Noeda Aoki and Keizo Tadazu. Takeo Shinoda and Yuriko Terasaki in miniature paintings with pencils. It is a print. I will introduce the works of Nobuo Yamanaka in the photograph.

Special exhibition of the three paintings by Suzuki

Since his first solo exhibition in 1979, Mr. Suzuki has consistently considered what painting is, and is a painter who keeps trying new challenges. The Meguro Museum of Art, in the exhibition “Color Museum” series themed on “Color”, took up three paintings by the “Green-Toyojun Shadow” exhibition held in 2001 and the “Yellow-earth Power & Sky Light” exhibition in 2004. In the wake of this exhibition, in 2018, in addition to the “Yellow” exhibition exhibited in the “sky from the ground-IV”, in the series of works exhibited in both exhibitions ≪ quiet breathing-I ≫ (1994-95), ≪Mori-II ≫ (1983)To join the collection of the new hotel. This exhibition features approximately 20 pieces of oil, watercolor and so on, focusing on three major works.

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