The cherry blossoms of Meguro River start blooming from Oohashi area.

I can’t wait to Cherry blossom bloom.
Cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom in Meguro-ku.
The cherry blossoms of the Nakanohashi bridge in the Meguro River are very close to Ikejiri-Oohashi, and it is almost blooming.
It seems to be able to enjoy cherry blossoms from the Starbucks reserve Roastery Tokyo which opened this year from about the weekend.

The buds of the cherry blossoms near Nakameguro Station are still hard, and it seems to be a little late to bloom.

In Meguro-ku, you can enjoy cherry blossoms along the green road, such as the Nomigawa River.
Please come and see the Cherry blossoms in Meguro on warm days.
Click here for the Meguro River Cherry blossom map
Click here for the Meguro Green Ways Cherry blossom map

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