The season of the Cherry Blossoms came to Meguro.

“The Cherry blossoms in Meguro-ku are blooming for three minutes.
The cherry blossoms of the Donryu River and the Tachikawagawa River greet the view from the weekend.
Cherry blossoms of the Donryu River”

Take a look at the cherry blossoms of the Tachikawagawa River and take a drink of the high sour of Hakusui Co., Ltd. with its headquarters in Meguro-ku.
There is also a bathhouse near the moonlight Fountain.

Cherry blossoms of Himonnya Park

After you breathe the atmosphere of Rinshinomori Park, how is the eel?

“The cherry blossoms of the Meguro River are like a bisect bloom.
It’s fun to stroll around with a cup of coffee or sparkling wine.”

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