GT Spring Gospel Festa 2020 GT gospel choir participants welcomed!

We are looking for performers to the scheduled GT Spring Gospel Festa on Sunday, April 5 in 2020

GT Gospel Festa 2020

Nakameguro GT. 2 songs are also mastered at the workshop where you can participate and practice surely (3 times of practice) by themselves, and you appear as a member of a GT gospel choir. I’ll also want the group coming into action focusing on a gospel and participation by a group.

[reception schedule (schedule)]
■ private entry
April 8, 2019: Temporary entry acceptance start by E-mail start
Around November: Official Entry information
Around December: Official entry acceptance deadline-member decision
February-March 2020: Workshop (practice) (total 3 times planned)

■ group participation

April 8th, 2019: E-mail provisional entry accepted
Around October: Formal entry information
The end of October: The official entry deadline
Around the end of November: Evaluation result communication / participation confirmation

[way of e-mail entry]
1. Enter the title of the mail “Gospel Festa Entry”
2. Participant (participating in choir or group)
3. Name (group participation, group name, representative name)
4. E-mail address for guidance in case of official recruitment (In case of mobile phone / G-mail, please be sure to include the e-mail address for PC)

corporation Nakameguro GT