Kabuki and Meguro 2-Dates and Misawa Hatsuko-

Meguro has a deep connection to the events that have become the subject of Kabuki.
This is a story about the Date Riot, which occurred in the early Edo period.
From Nakameguro Station on the Tokyu Railway Toyoko Line, go 250 meters south of Yamate Street, and if you go 100 meters further beyond the traffic lights of nakameguro three-dimensional crossing, you will find “ShoshojiTemple”. Shogetsu-ji temple is the bodhi temple of the parents of Misawa Hatsuko. Kazuko Misawa is the wife of the third generation lord of the Sendai Clan, the wife of the wife other than the main wife, and is the real mother of the 4th clan lord Date Tsunamura.
In the temple, there is her grave (tokyo cultural property and old mark designation) and there is a tombstone of parents in the vicinity.
Because the third lord, Date Tsunamune, was hiding, Kamechiyo (later Date Tsunamura), born by Hatsuko Misawa, became the Lord of the Sendai Clan at the age of just two years old. Over this young lord, a house riot “Date riot” occurs.
In addition to kabuki’s “Mei mei seiihagi”, “Date Riot” became the subject of puppet joruri, bunraku, and novels.
In addition to masaoka( Masaoka), the main character of kabuki “Kahara’s predecessor Hagi”, it is said that she became a model for a number of creative son’s creations, such as “Asaoka’s Bureau”. In kabuki “Gara Tohagi”, the era has been replaced by the Kamakura period. In order to protect the young Tsuruchiyo Tsuruchiyo, Masaoka, the nanny, endures the sacrifice of my child, Senmatsu, and continues to be loyal. The hatred of the hostile women Yashio and Eigo-mae, the strangeness of the vassals, The Naoki, who is trying to take over the clan government, the refreshing judgment of Katsumoto Hosokawa, and the refreshing judgment of Hosokawa Katsumoto, Andokawa,
It is a colorful masterpiece that a variety of characters liven up.

In the precincts of Shojo-ji Temple, there is a statue of her, which was built on the basis of “Masaoka”, played by the famous actor of Kabuki, the sixth generation of Umeyuki Oue, a disciple of Ogami Umeko.
In addition to the enshrined image of the mother of oniko, who is said to have prayed for the safety of her self, thinking of my child who became the lord at an early age, there is also a wooden image representing the figure of First Child Misawa praying hand in hand. This mother’s one-way thought came true, and Date Tsunamura who got over the house disturbance etc. became the lord as it was said the master later.
His affinity for Hatsuko Misawa is also strong, and he frequently visited his mother during his stay in Edo. After her death, the mansion building was dedicated to Saeshinji Temple, which was built by the return of First Child Misawa, and the temple’s temples were built by the members.
The space between the rooms, the itato, and the ceiling board, etc. still exist in the main hall and the temple office, etc., and it is possible to recall the appearance of old times. Next to the main entrance of the Minato-ku Office in front of Zojoji Temple is “Asaoka Rice Cooking Ii”.
It is said that there was a preparation place of the Date family of the Sendai clan which was used for the time when the masujoji temple such as the lord was visited in the vicinity, and it is said that the bureau of Asaoka (Misawa Hatsuko) drew the water of this well and cooked it in order to protect my child (Kamechiyo) who became the fourth generation from the danger of poisoning at a young age.
In 1978(1978), when the new government office building of the Minato Ward Office was built, the courtyard of the old government building was relocated to its current location. Hatsuko Misawa saw Date Tsunamura fulfilling her duties as a lord, and closed her life at the age of 47.

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