Japan’s first! Micro pig cafe “mipig cafe” (the first part)


I went to a micro pig cafe!

Pretty BGM in the pretty shop interior. I went to meet the pigs who live in such a relaxed home.

Japan's first micro pig cafe "mipig cafe" (My Pig Cafe) has opened in Meguro 4th Street.
A micro pig is a small pig with a weight of about 18 to 40 kg and a length of 30 to 100 cm. In the United Kingdom, it is accepted as a pet and a member of a family like a dog.

Speaking of "pig", there may be a somewhat negative image, but the pig of mipig cafe is a friendly man and has a sweetheart that is full of caress, so that the image is overturned 180 degrees It was

Pig (Cro-chan) who comes to fit comfortably between thighs.
Pigs who love people come by themselves.

A place where the space between the thighs settles down for the pig (just fit).

Okaka-chan (upper left) and Prince-kun (middle) also gathered.
Pigs who act in a group seem to have the habit of gathering all of them when there is a fit child.
The staff members may be chased by dispersal of the pigs gathered in one place.

Kuro-chan, I began to sleep comfortably.
I am really friendly, and when I stop being brows- ing, I will send a look of "Bring more!"

This is also one of pig's habit called "a nose digging".

Back legs are floating. Tiny.

As a point to interact with the pig, "waiting quietly". This cafe is pig-first.
Sit with legs so that the pigs are not alert. Then the pigs come when they wait for a while.

The pig's rice is served twice a day (at 9 am morning before the store opens, around 7:30 pm).
After 8:30 pm, she seems to have slept until breakfast, which is a life cycle close to humans.

As it is open until 8:00, it seems that OL's who finished work come to the store.
How about everyone going to be healed by the micro pigs?
Advance reservation system, reservation from here. ( Mipigcafe homepage )
Official blog also started! ( 'Oka pre' official blog )

Store name mipig cafe (my pig cafe)
Address 4-11-3 Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Access A 15-minute walk from JR Meguro Station. Immediately after getting off at the bus stop in front of the Tokyu Bus former Racecourse.
Hours 10:00 to 20:00 (advanced reservation required)

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