Japan’s first! Micro pig cafe “mipig cafe” (the second part)

The founder's wish is that "micro pig will be loved as a pet"

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We interviewed the process of opening Micro Pig Cafe in Meguro.

Mr. Minagawa, the founder who loves animals, has come to England for the purpose of "I want to keep a micro pig in Japan". In the United Kingdom, in a grazing style, we saw crowded pig-growing scenes and wanted to make a micro pig farm in the same style in Japan, and we carried out crowdfunding. As a result, we were able to import micro pig from the United Kingdom.
Initially, I was thinking about contact with the general public at a farm in Yamanashi Prefecture, but the problem of pig cholera occurred in Gifu Prefecture last September. The large number of people coming and going on the farm has become a dangerous situation for the pig.
However, on the basis of the market research by crowdfunding etc., mipig cafe opened in March this year as a place to meet with the pigs based on the fact that there were many needs to interact with the pigs.

I chose Meguro as the cafe ground because many people have dogs.
Also in Japan, in the hope that the micro pig will be healed and loved as a member of the family, he chose Meguro, which has many animal hospitals, trimming shops and pet shops and has high affinity with animals. is.

On the third floor there is also a consultation corner for those who want to meet Micro Pig as a family.

The staff will hand over the support environment and stay time after talking with the purchase applicants firmly so that micro pig who has a shallow history as a pet can live safely and safely as a member of the family. I am doing an activity.
In foreign countries, the appearance of a vicious breeder and the appearance of an owner who gives up and abandons breeding is considered to be a social issue, for the purpose of spoofing and selling a mini pig, which is slightly larger than a micro pig, as a micro pig. In order to prevent such a thing, mipig seems to perform thorough castration, contraception surgery, selection of purchase applicants, introduction of microchip, after-sales support, and delivery.

The pigs are very beautiful and smart and they also remember the restrooms properly.
In addition, it is less likely to cause allergies because it is not covered with long hair compared to dogs and cats, and there is less hair loss, so it is also recommended for those who have given up on pets because of allergies.

The cafe fee is 800 yen (excluding tax) for the first 30 minutes.
A system of 500 yen (excluding tax) every 30 minutes thereafter, and a separate one-drink system.

One of the reasons for popularity is the cheesecake supervised by the famous restaurant Innovative Fusion “Akira Hasegawa” in Hiroo.
When I went home, I could not move unless the staff pulled out the pigs from me, and the pigs treated me friendlyly to me who I met for the first time.
In the near future, the pigs may be incorporated into our lives as pets and be given healing and beloved.
If everyone goes to see the pigs once, they will be toriko of their pure loveliness.
It will be a prior reservation system. Don't forget to make a reservation! ( Mipigcafe homepage )
Official blog also started! ( 'Oka pre' official blog )

Store name mipig cafe (my pig cafe)
Address 4-11-3 Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Access A 15-minute walk from JR Meguro Station. Immediately after getting off at the bus stop in front of Tokyu Bus former racetrack.
Hours 10:00 to 20:00 (advanced reservation required)

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