Meguro no Sanma

This time, the theme is the famous rakugo "Meguro no Sanma".
During the Edo period, Meguro was a scenic tourist destination, with Mt. Fuji in the distance.
In addition, there is "Edo no Santomi", Meguro Fudo, which is now selling lottery tickets, and it seems to have been very busy.
When it comes to the age of the 8th Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune, Meguro seems to have been popular with Tokugawa Shogun and Daimyo in the field (the place where you can go hunting) compared to Kasai, Iwabuchi, Toda, Nakano and Shinagawa.
You can see the scenery of Meguro in the Edo period in "Komabano", "JijigaChaya", "Chiyogaike", and "Meguro Fudo no Zu" in the Ukiyo-e of Utagawa Hiroshige.

Since the Edo period was a world of peace for 300 years, there is a section in which the shogunate tries to have a sense of tension by encouraging daimyo hunting.
Because it was such a time, the lords did not do anything in the house especially to say that they did not walk around Edo city, so we do not know much about the world and the life of the common people.
Of course, the people who ate only salmon don't know why the fish eat by the common people can be caught.
Such a lord, the rakugo "Sanma of Meguro" related to Unshu-kou. We introduce what the second generation Yanagiya Kosan(Yanagiya Kingoro) directed.

The 8th castle lord of Matsuoka Matsue, the Eighty-thousand Stone, Matsudaira, Dewa Mamoru (Matsudaira, Dewakami), also known as the moon of the moon, is the only master who excelled in the two ways , And Fuchu (during Edo stay) needed a long horse riding.
One day, in the early morning, the majesty named Meguro Fudosan, and made twenty horsemen accompanies with a horse from the upper house in Akasaka Gomon (home in Edo city) to Meguro. I was quick.
Mr. Tonosama finished the shrine, but there is time until noon, so he seems to have been taking a walk with him.
When they went out of the Meguro immigrant ground and landed on a scenic country road in Kamimeguro-nobe, Unshu-Kou suddenly rushed, "one who ran up to the battlefield training, and overcame himself As soon as I declared that I will give you a reward, I went on my own, so I went on my own to chase after the family.
However, because the homekeepers keep their backs wide and small, they can't speed up very well.
After all, only three people came along.
The lord sat down on a pine stump and took a breath, and while whispering to those who arrived late, the belly rang in a row.
When it sees the sun, it seems that it is already past eight o'clock (2 pm).
At that time, the smell of saury burning at a nearby farmhouse was dangling, so I could not wait.
I have never seen the majesty of my lord, the lower fish (the fish eaten by low-ranking people).
Princess "What smell is that?"
I'm afraid, my name is Sama, and the length is a thin shining fish of about one size. I think that I have baked it at a nearby farmhouse.
Princess: "Hm, Shih, let's seek it."
The family says, "It doesn't match. The fish who the lower men of the lower rank (= low-ranking ordinary people) eat, the fish which is commonly called the lower fish. It is not something to be served by
Mr. Hall: "The person is" don't forget to take care of the disorder (don't forget to prepare and prepare for the emergency, even when it is calm and good. ") If there is nothing to eat and eat away, you may die without eating like the lower ones (the people with lower ranks), the same people who are the same as Daimyo and the lower ranks (people with lower ranks) Daimyo never eats something that the lower back (Shimoji mo) eats.
When I went home to look for the smell, a farmer's niece was stabbed and burned in five or six houses in the house.
As the family went out without having a boxed lunch, the nobleman said he wanted to eat samma, so he asked to give it over.
Then, Ms. Roh declined, saying, "It is a fake to know that it is not a courtesy to stand with a bribe while asking someone for something, so I can not give any bones to such a person."
Since the lord was a prisoner who knew only his name, I was able to give some impoliteness, and finally let me give it to you.
Tonosama, when I try to eat, this is not good because it is hungry.
A person who has become addicted since then, and smoke is already in the house all the time.
In the end, I will buy Edo's Sanma.
Then I can not get tired, I line up the pardon in the Edo Castle, and the pardon of the Sanma, and it is uncommon to know the Sanma, so one of the Daimyo, Kuroda Chikuzen no Kami, is not interesting.
He lost his hand and sent his hand to all over the net and bought it, but his veterans said, "I'm sorry for giving me something like this that is greasy." I pulled it all out and cooked it, so it's not bad at all.
Kimura Kuroda who got angry with this, grabs the statue at Edo Castle and complains that there is no such bad thing.
Lord, "To you, did you order from us?"
Kimi Kuroda "I applied to the housekeeper and I ordered it from Amamoto in Faso."
Tonosama "Oh, it is bad because it is Fushu. Sanma is limited to Meguro."

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