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I went to a Japanese miscellaneous goods shop “Asobiya” at the Tokyo Challenge Shop “Sonomi” in Jiyugaoka!
“So-no-mi” is a limited-time challenge shop that is run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Small and Medium Business Corporation to support independent opening of women and young people. "Asomiya" is lined up with a number of paper cranes, all handmade by owner Tanizaki. Ms. Tanizaki's gentle personality was also felt from the work.

Oriduru Katyusha
Paper crane headband

The popular paper crane headband can be used as a hair clip by removing the headband part.
The crane materials are smooth, hemp, and crepe, and the texture changes depending on the season, just like clothes.
The real thing was much more delicate than when I saw it on the net, and Ms. Tanizaki's thoughts were packed in the details.
Hair ornament
hair ornaments

Hair ornament cranes are made of fabric, not paper, and look like gorgeous ribbons.
Brooch with the birthstone color
Birthstone color brooch

This birthstone color brooch is also a popular item.
A sparkling birthstone is an accent!
Brooch with the birthstone color
Birthstone color brooch

It can be used as a brooch and attached to a kimono band, bag or hat, as well as a hair accessory, and it is popular because of its ease of use.
“It's so much fun to be able to make a satisfactory work with the materials I understand,” says Tanizaki.
Hair ornament
hair ornaments

Ms. Tanizaki's experience as a paper crane artist began when she met a foreign travel destination and handed a paper crane on the spot.
“The thing that looks neat and looks like a crane, and is lean, is surprisingly rare among origami papers. To express the beauty of this paper crane as something that can be touched and experienced by three-dimensional force, I started making it. "
Band of a kimono
Kimono belt

“What has been in Japan for a long time has become a fresh and re-examination opportunity just by changing the shape.”
It was the first time for me to visit the store that I felt so fascinating about “paper cranes”.
Asobiya Shop

On the interview day (early October), some customers came to choose hair ornaments tailored to the graduation ceremony.
It seems that orders can be received not only from stores but also from e-mail and SNS.
It is a limited-time shop until December, so please visit the store and feel the new beauty of paper cranes.

Store name Asobiya
Address 2-17-6 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku THE FRONT Building 1F
Access 5 minutes on foot from Jiyugaoka Station
Time 11: 00-18: 30 (Closed Wednesday)
Photo courtesy Asobiya
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