Kansenji (Meguro Fudo) Gansu Festival

Yusenji Meguro Fudoson is the oldest Fudo sacred ground in the Kanto region. The principal is Fudo Myoo.
It is one of the five color immovables and one of Japan's three major immovables.
Benefits include good luck, fulfillment of various applications, and marriage. Yusenji Temple
It is also one of the prayer bills of Edo 33 Kannon, and there is a matchmaking Aizen Myoo and Ebisu from around Yamanote Shichifukujin .

Every year on October 28th, the “Kansho Festival” is a festival that celebrates Kunyo Aoki, an orchid scholar who has grown sweet potato cultivation.
It is held on this day, with the closing date of October 12th and 28th of each month.
Aoki Kunyo's grave is located behind Yusenji Temple.
There are many stalls, there is only a sweet potato festival, and there is a sweet potato (baked sweet potato) stall.
Sweets using sweet potatoes are also sold.

[Festival name]
Kansenji (Meguro Fudo) Gansu Festival
Yusenji Temple (Meguro Fudo)
【Street address】
20-26 Shimomeguro 3-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
[Organizer / Operation]
Yusenji Temple (Meguro Fudo)
[Nearest station]
Fudomae Station, Musashikoyama Station, Meguro Station
[Schedule Schedule]
Monday, October 28, 2019

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