Visit #Jiyugaoka #Goddess #Festival on 3 consecutive #holidays!

The Jiyugaoka Goddess Festival began in 1973 after the 1941 Ao-Sora statue (commonly known as the “goddess statue”), which was built on the Jiyugaoka station square. This “Goddess Festival” is the largest event in Jiyugaoka, and is held on consecutive days of physical education every October.

Events are held in each area of the city of Jiyugaoka and compete for their individuality. Various events such as stamp rally, performance by street performers, wine corner, open cafe, wagon sale, blue sky market, mock shop, etc. are available.
The city of Jiyugaoka is not only an urban shopping district, but also has a space that harmonizes with the greenery of the Kusonobugawa River and Kumano Shrine. It is a festival where you can eat, drink, play and enjoy.

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