Let’s start with! What you can do for the future-The 48th Meguro Consumer Life Exhibition-


Panel display by consumer groups on themes such as food, disaster prevention, and environment, sales of special foods such as seasonal vegetables, roasted pork "Rose pork" from Ibaraki Prefecture, "Tezukuri Market in Meguro" (cancelled in the rain) , Workshops (free), games and many other fun events! (Please bring your own bag)
There is a nursing room, a diaper changing corner, and a space where children can play in "Everyone's Plaza where parents and children can spend".
Participate in the quiz rally and view the exhibition to learn while enjoying knowledge for a safe and secure life. We look forward to your visit.


November 9, 2019 (Saturday) 10: 00-15: 30


Meguro City Center (2-4-36 Meguro, Meguro City)
Consumer life exhibition 2019

[Event contents]

◆ Research presentation and exhibition of consumer groups

  • Water supply privatization, what happens to Japanese water? Learn from the EU water war / Meguro consumer group liaison meeting
  • What is AI (artificial intelligence)? / Meguro Ward Consumer Friend Association
  • Delicious! Hot spring rapeseed oil For food safety and future environment / 23 Ward Minami Life Club Co-op Meguro
  • Life to connect to the future of children What we want to cherish now / Meeting to protect Hiratsuka Kindergarten Life
  • Genome-operated foods go up on the table !! Our life / co-op pal system Tokyo Meguro Liaison Committee
  • Flood! disaster! How do you help others? / Mom's study session "Rainbow"
  • It cannot be reduced after it becomes garbage! / Meeting to spread shopping rules
  • Would you like to have an echo test? Meguro Medical Life Cooperative

◆ Make fun! Workshop (free)

* It will end as soon as there is no material left.

  • Sunflower seed brooch, snowman present box (10: 00-12: 15)
  • Candle, Christmas wreath (13: 00-15: 15)

◆ Café Corner

Enjoy organic coffee. 100 yen for one cup, 80 yen if you bring your own cup

◆ Manufacturing Market in Meguro

Rainy weather cancellation We sell discerning products and remakes made with natural materials.

◆ Let's reduce food loss! We carry out food drive

Bring unopened foods (except for those with damaged packaging or fresh foods) that can be stored at room temperature after the expiration date of February 2020.
* The food you donate will be donated to welfare facilities.

◆ Let's try adults and children!

  • Weighing sense game
  • Bone density measurement (free)
  • that? What mark
  • What can you put in the disaster prevention rucksack? game
  • Wooden edge toy craft, making my chopsticks
  • Toy hospital (from 10am to 3pm)
  • Make a bath bomb with citric acid

◆ Sales of seasonal vegetables

  • Sales of agricultural products and processed products from Kakuda
  • Sale of vegetables and flowers grown in Tokyo

◆ Other events

  • Consumer life center PR
  • Various consultations for safe and correct use of electricity, practical training on how breakers work with simulated distribution panel
  • Consultation on water supply, tasting of tap water
  • Sale of disaster area support "Makenai Elephant Towel"
  • Sale of Ibaraki Prefecture branded pork "Rose pork" yakiniku, Sobeyaki, Tonjiru, grilled wiener, fried noodles, baked goods

[Cooperating organizations (in random order)]

Public interest incorporated association Kakuda City Agricultural Promotion Corporation, Nishitokyo City Local Production and Local Education Association, Kanto Electric Safety Association, Tokyo Metropolitan Metrology Bureau, Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau Meguro Office, Meguro Ward Housing Reform Association, Eco Life Meguro Promotion Association , Meguro-ku Cleaning and Recycling Section, Tokyo Meat Business Cooperative Meguro Branch, Meguro Honmachi Welfare Studio, Shimomeguro Welfare Studio, Cafe Restaurant Ikuko Meguro

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