Meguro delicious ramen special feature 1

Meguro City Run will be held tomorrow.
It was completely cold, and warm food became a delicious season.
That's why this time is a ramen special!
There are many popular ramen shops in Meguro.

Hundred noodles

The first store is Hyakumen Nakameguro .

I recommend Negira Ramen. This leek ramen is a delicious combination of spicy leek, pork bone soup and fine noodles. Of course, you can also choose thick noodles. Order with thick noodles, then add extra thin noodles and enjoy them twice. Please come after the marathon!


The second store is Tonkotsu noodle sand field .

Carefully made pork bone soy soup has a mild and gentle taste. It is a strange ramen that you can eat with Perrot after drinking and you can not lean your stomach!
It is also fun to drink around Yutenji Station, eat Sunada ramen and walk back to Gakugei University Station.


The third store is Kokoro Sichuan Menjo Gakugei University .

As the name of Sichuan, it is a shop of Tandan noodles.
Spicy minced meat and soup are often tangled with noodles, and the spicy “Kurenai Tantanmen” is recommended.
You can also enjoy red oil sagging dumplings and Chinese Qingdao beer (Qingdao Beer).


The last shop this time is Gakugei University Montgomery .

Locally popular pork bone soy sauce ramen is said to be addictive once eaten!
We recommend ramen with rajao and leek toppings.
A thick soup with a spicy taste is as delicious as drinking.
Ramen topped with cabbage is also very popular.
A menu unique to the master from Shimane Prefecture, “Menoha Rice” is a relief.

What did you think. Next time we look forward to!

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