Gelato featured in winter 1

Speaking of sweets in Meguro, Jiyugaoka. The popular gelato is also famous for Gelateria Vitali (closed in winter) and AmiCono .
But there are other popular gelato stores in Meguro-ku besides Jiyugaoka.
Here are two such gelato stores!

Pre Marche Gelateria (Nakameguro)

The website says “Kyoto Sanjo + Kitayama & Nakameguro, an alternative gelato store”, and there are three directly managed stores.
“From traditional milk-based gelato, to vegan and non-milk gelato, superfoods and flavors that make use of traditional ingredients. I want to weave the sweetness that connects with happiness for you and the world as possible. "
Then, I immediately tried 4 types recommended by the store clerk at a store a 1-minute walk from Nakameguro Station.

Coffee & dates

As soon as the lid was opened, the scent of coffee spread, and when it was put in the mouth, the sweetness of dates was found in the bitterness of the coffee, and I could eat without getting tired until the end. The coffee has a strong flavor, so it seems to be refreshed if you eat it after a meal or when you are a little tired from work.

100% rice gelato

Along with the faintly yellow-colored appearance of Amazake, the sweetness felt to be made from rice spread in the mouth, making it a favorite taste for those seeking a natural taste.


With a refreshing texture, it is no longer a prunes taste, but prunes themselves. When you eat, the rich prunes taste spread in your mouth, but when you finish eating, it has a refreshing aftertaste. One item that people who like prune want to eat once.


Pistachio-flavored ice cream, recommended for those who like the nutty flavor. I like it. I think that eating with a rich taste is perfect.

Gelateria Aquarina (Yutenji)

This is a gelato store located one minute from Yutenji Station (TY04).
The popularity of customers coming in as early as 14:00. Full-fledged gelato can be enjoyed with the technology cultivated in Italian gelateria. Originally it was only an online shop, but it seems that it opened a store in Yutenji in 2012.
This store seems to be closed every January or February and open in department stores.
Let me introduce four items that the tourist portal editorial staff has chosen.


The flavor of mirtillo (blueberry in Italian) is very tasty when you put it in your mouth and it tastes like the natural acidity and sweetness of the fruit.

Olive oil

It has a smooth texture and a strong olive scent. And it looks good for the body. As a personal hobby, it may be more fun if you have olive grains. It was a new combination of olive and ice, but it was surprisingly good.


The moment you open the lid, the scent of milk scents softly. A soft, sweet sweetness that doesn't persist, and you won't get tired of how much you eat.

Ricotta Blueberry

Although it has a rich taste, its aftertaste is very refreshing and it is a gelato that you want to eat in the hot summer. The sourness of ricotta cheese and blueberry matched exquisitely. It looks bright and purple, and I was looking forward to eating it as soon as I opened the lid.
The package is very stylish and seems to be widely used as a souvenir.

What did you think. In Meguro Ward, there are gelato stores that will reopen in the spring and gelato stores that are open only in the summer. looking forward to!

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