Warmth of handmade furniture-Meguro Interior Street

On Meguro Street in Tokyo, there are 1950's and 1960's casual American furniture, Eames design furniture, British and French antique furniture, Scandinavian furniture, pine-based natural furniture, authentic shop furniture, Shops that cater to a wide range of needs from shop use to individual use, such as shops that handle miscellaneous goods and creative goods selected by the owner's concept, galleries that handle sensitive paintings, curtains using high-quality cloths, and specialty stores with sofas There are more than 60.
For this reason, it seems that Meguro Street has been called “Interior Street” since around 2000.
This time, we will introduce two stores with cafes and restaurants.

Point No.39

This is a long-established store in Meguro Interior Street and opened in 2004. The shop handles antique furniture and vintage bicycles.
The furniture is made of high-quality wood and iron so that it is difficult to produce now. On the other hand, bicycles are from an era when manufacturers from different countries competed in manufacturing technology.

A lineup of powerful and unique items from the early 20th century.
This shop is also equipped with “ SUNAO COFFEE ” where you can stop by while visiting the interior shops. The taste of coffee (S size 350 yen) that is dripped one by one is exceptional.
“Point No.38” near Meguro Station from this store is a sister store with antique furniture, vintage furniture, and original lamps.


This store, which has its own building, is one of the long-established stores opened in 2004, just like Point No.39.
The shop has the theme of "antique & intelligence" and aims to create a dense and intelligent space with high-quality furniture.
In the large sales floor from the first basement floor to the third floor, the assortment is divided by floor, oak furniture on the first basement floor, accessories on the first floor, old pine furniture on the second floor, It is mahogany and walnut furniture.

There is “ Ile Levante ” on the second floor where you can eat authentic Italian food. Lunch can be enjoyed at an affordable price starting from 1000 yen.

There are many other unique interior shops, so please come on holiday.
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