Nakameguro Akari Festival 2019

The Nakameguro Akari Festival has become a winter feature of Nakameguro. Besides fantastic illuminations, fun events are also held. Please come to Nakameguro.

■ GT illumination

Illumination of Nakameguro GT that became a winter feature. Warm light colors the town.
・ Location: GT Tower Square + Snake Ridge Green Road
・ Period: November 18 (Monday) to January 10, 2020 (Friday)
・ Time: 16: 30-23: 00

■ Light gate

"Nakameguro Gate Sky" Yuta Takahashi
Color lighting for Nakameguro GT Tower's piloti. The fantastic sky of light that appears on the ceiling and gate facade leads us to the world of stories.
・ Location: GT Tower Building Piloti
・ Period: December 14 (Saturday) to 25 (Wednesday)
・ Time: 16: 30-23: 00

■ Winter Tanabata

"Theater of Light-Art Circus of Light and Sound"
The sound and light can be played and the fusion space dynamically performs. An art and circus of light and sound that devotees performers and musicians in a fun, gorgeous, laughter and surprised manner.
・ Location: GT Plaza Square (B1F)
・ Period: December 20 (Friday) to 22 (Sunday)
・ Time: 17: 00-19: 30
* A 500 yen receipt issued after December 1st at the Nakameguro GT store is required for participating in the Tanabata Circus wish.

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