To protect the future of the earth, you are also an Eco Ranger … Eco Festival Meguro 2019

December is Global Warming Prevention Month! There are a lot of events where you can experience and learn about ecology, such as booths and workshops of environmental activity groups in the city.

■ Venue

Tendo Fureaikan, Tado Square Park (Meguro 1-chome 25-26-8)
JR Yamanote Line / Tokyu Meguro Line “ Meguro Station '' 10 minute walk
* Please use public transportation when you visit.

■ Date

December 8, 2019 (Sunday) 10: 00-15: 00

■ Contents

[Tadom Fureaikan]
A workshop area, an area that teaches ideas for living, an eco-experience / eco-shopping area, an area where you can learn by seeing and listening, an introduction to Meguro's efforts, etc.

[Children's Eco Plaza]
A corner where you can learn about ecology while enjoying workshops using natural materials, making kaleidoscopes, and handmade eco fairs using cardboard.

[Vegetables grown in Meguro]
We sell fresh vegetables made by all the farmers in Meguro Ward! Urban farmland is useful for environmental conservation, including measures against heat islands, disaster prevention, and biodiversity protection.

[Food drive]
Bring food asleep at home and use it by people who need it to reduce food loss.
* Please bring unopened foods that can be stored at room temperature after February 2020. * We do not accept items with damaged packaging or exterior, or fresh food.

[Eating and drinking corner]
There are lunch boxes, side dishes, radish oden, rice balls, cotton candy, Frankfurt, coffee and juice!
* There is a discount for bringing my cups and tableware! !

[Daido Square Park]
○ Experience natural energy!
・ Test drive of solar car powered by the power of the sun (cancelled in the rain)
・ Run with power generation by hand! N gauge (compact model)
・ Solar cooker exhibition, etc.
* Changed to the first floor basement of the Fureaikan when it rains.

○ Skeleton packer car is coming (cancelled in case of rain)
You can experience the collection of garbage bags (packer cars).

○ Seismic car and smoke experience (cancelled in case of rain)
Cars and smoke houses will come where you can experience the intensity of the earthquake.

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