Carta DE Meguro 1-Meguro bamboo shoots and Shiki Masaoka’s haiku

In the early 20th century, bamboo shoots were Meguro. The method of cultivating bamboo shoots was so famous that it was called "Meguro-style".
At present, only a few Meguro farmers remain in Setagaya.
Shiki Masaoka, a poet at the end of the 19th century, writes his memories of eating bamboo shoots in Meguro in the next haiku.
"Bamboo shoots and Meguro's beauty"
The shop that ate bamboo shoot rice is said to be Botanjeong. In front of Meguro Fudomon, Kaku Ise, the great nation, Uchidaya, etc. were famous at the time, and there was no Peony-tei. According to Furushima, there was a peony blooming in front of the shop. It seems to have been described in the sense of a store with peonies.
Memories of March 1894 are recorded in the Saitencho.
He was invited by Kazuo Furushima, a two-year-old senior, to go to Omiya Park. Not so far from Shiki-an in Negishi, the cherry blossoms have not yet bloomed, so I went back and ordered bamboo shoots at a shop called Botantei in Meguro.
The 17- to 8-year-old daughter brought the ordered bamboo shoots and served them.
He seemed to be excited alone with a naive place on his overflowing charming face.
Shiki is reading the phrase, "A nap to a spring night at Asakusa Botantei."
I had been chatting for a while, but decided to return to Shinagawa and my daughter would guide me with a small lantern when I sent him.
In a lonely place with bushes, I was told that I would go straight on the rice field road, and passed a lantern,
At that time, she said, wait a minute, picked up pebbles in the dark, dropped it into a small lantern, said, "Goodbye to you." The figure disappeared in the dark.
It is not surprising that pebbles were dropped into lanterns. He seemed to have said, "I'm on my behalf."
The bamboo shoot rice at that time was not cooked with bamboo shoots as it is now, but according to the Edo period cookbook,
"Boil the salty portions of the bamboo shoots in salt and then cut them into small pieces. Cook the rice normally, put the bamboo shoots on the rice and cook it when the heat is gradually reduced to a low heat after boiling. Put the bamboo shoots in a bowl and add soup stock And add asakusa laver and pepper. "
There is a haiku by Takako Kiko, "Is the Meguro bamboo shoot rice also old days?"
This is a nostalgic phrase from Meguro where residential land was developed after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. By this time, the bamboo grove in Meguro had already become scarce.

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