Meguro Gourmet Burger Special 1

It is only a few before the new year.
By the way, do you know?
There are many gourmet burger restaurants in Meguro Ward.
So, this time we will introduce 3 stores in Nakameguro from among the many.


"GOLDEN BROWN" is located about 10 minutes on foot from Nakameguro on Yamate Dori.
It is the only famous hamburger specialty store among the world's 50 best restaurants selected by the British magazine MONOCLE MAGAZINE.
The hamburger in the photo is "Classic Hamburger".
Enjoy patties made from lean Australian beef, light buns made from wild yeast, and hamburgers made from carefully selected ingredients.


"SASA BURGER" is located on the basement floor of Nakameguro GT Tower, 1 minute walk from Nakameguro Station.
A juicy, juicy patty made from 100% carefully selected beef and high quality peach meat and shoulder loin mixed with coarsely ground rice every day.
Buns are soft and fluffy.
This hamburger made with patties, buns and special sauce has a nostalgic taste, with the aroma of whole grains remaining in a mild texture.
The picture is a little spicy “Salsa cheeseburger”.


"THE BURGER VOWS" is about 7 minutes on foot from Nakameguro Station on Yamatedori. In front of you is Stanley Electric Co., a stylish building.
"V" for energy (Vital), "O" for open (open), "W" for warm (Warm), and "S" for customer satisfaction (Satisfaction). "VOWS" by connecting the initials of four words. "VOWS" in the store name means that we promise to do our best.
The most popular is "Rumburger". Please enjoy the lamb hamburger.
By the way, the photo is "Bacon Cheese Burger" using juicy beef patty.

There are still many gourmet burgers in Meguro Ward, so look forward to the next time.

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