Grandpa’s homemade cheesecake!

Speaking of grandpa's cheesecake in Meguro, "JOHAN".

It is a long-established store founded in 1978. Patissiers are mainly grandpas in their 70s.
We have kept the same taste since our founding.
There are four types of such cheesecakes. It is a food report of Meguro sightseeing portal editorial staff.


The basics of Johan's cheesecake, natural, have a moderate sourness and richness but are very simple, so you can always enjoy them. It is a taste that will be enjoyed by everyone, from children to the elderly. Recommended for souvenirs.

Sour soft

The refreshing sour cream on the rich cheesecake is just exquisite! Recommended for people who like sourness ♪


A light cheesecake with blueberries.
I want to bring it to spring cherry blossom viewing with refreshing sour blond roast coffee.


I love cheesecake, so it was delicious. It was not too sweet, it tasted good, and it tasted like myself.

Cheese Cake Johann

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