After all I like pudding

Mahakala pudding was one of the dessert menus at Mahakala, a mahakala and kushikatsu restaurant.
It seems that the pudding specialty store "Happy Pudding Mahakara" was born, supported by the voice "If you can eat that pudding anytime …".
At the Meguro City Tourism and Disaster Prevention Portal Secretariat, we would like to share with you your impressions of tasting 5 types of pudding that you can enjoy now.

"Happy Pudding" with rich custard flavor

A pretty form in a glass bottle. The plain taste is the gentle flavor and sweetness of eggs, and the smooth texture allows you to enjoy the original taste of pudding. Liquid caramel is not bitter and refreshing. Another delicious taste that makes you want to eat.

"White pudding" with plenty of egg white

The texture was smooth and delicious. It wasn't too sweet and was easy to eat with a faint coffee flavor.

Seasonal pudding "pumpkin"

It was a sweet and delicious pudding with concentrated pumpkin umami. The package is also designed with pumpkin, and I think that people who are weak for a limited time will buy it.

Seasonal pudding "Matcha"

A smooth matcha-flavored pudding in a stylishly designed jar.
It is recommended that the sweetness of pudding and the firm taste of matcha are well-balanced.

Seasonal pudding "Sweet potato"

The gentle sweetness of the sweet potatoes was delicious. The apple and nut jam on the pudding is an accent, so you can eat it without getting tired.

The appearance of the shop

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