[Recruitment] Online course “Easy Japanese x Japanese Conversation Salon”

Although collision is natural, everyone Do you know the word "friendly Japanese"?
You may have heard of it.

Easy Japanese is Japanese that is easy for foreigners who are not familiar with Japanese to understand.

In recent years, the number of foreigners living in Japan has been increasing year by year. Here in Meguro Ward, there are 9,195 foreign residents. (As of 2021.1.1)
However, there are people from various countries, even if they are foreigners. And they speak various languages.
Now that "foreigners = English" is no longer the case, we need communication tools that match the times .
That is easy Japanese.

This time is, it can be said that the main business of Meguro-ku, International Association Japanese Conversation Salon was assumed the volunteer activities,
Learn with the instructors about using easy Japanese.
Although it is an online course, we also have an interactive time with actual work .
Whether you are involved in supporting foreigners learning Japanese or want to start such activities in the future, you will surely find something new.
Let's take a step together toward the easy spread of Japanese in Meguro Ward! (* People outside Meguro Ward can also apply)

In addition, this time, we will hold a "Zoom Experience Meeting" in advance for those who are uneasy about using Zoom. (Only for those who wish)
Learn the basic operations and prepare for the day of the course!

Overview / application method

Date and time Thursday, February 25, 2021 10: 00-12: 00
(Zoom experience meeting)
Only those who wish can participate in either one.
February 4th (Thursday) / 18th (Thursday), 2021 10: 00-11: 30
Teacher ・ Kumiko Inoue (Regional Japanese Language Education Coordinator, Easy Japanese Evangelist)
・ Rieko Nagai ("Introduction / Easy Japanese" certified instructor)
Contents Introduction "What is easy Japanese?"
Workshop "Let's use easy Japanese"
Question-and-answer session
cost free
Capacity First 30 people
application Please apply from the application form below.

Participation in online events <br /> This course will be held using the web conferencing application Zoom.
It is free to install and use, but there is a separate internet connection fee. Please prepare a PC, smartphone, or tablet that can use a microphone and camera in advance.
In addition, please note that you are responsible for the internet connection fee.
The flow up to the day is introduced here .

◆ Disclaimer ◆
(It is considered that you have agreed to the disclaimer at the time of application.)
・ The secretariat does not support the operation method of Zoom.
・ Zoom usage fee is free, but you are responsible for the internet connection fee.
-The video and audio may be disturbed or the line may become unstable depending on the state of the Internet environment.
・ Please handle the use and operation of Zoom by yourself.
-Ownership of content such as video, images, text, audio or related materials during the event belongs to the organizer (MIFA).
・ The captured videos and photos may be posted on various media and SNS with the consent of the participants.

Agree to the above and apply

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