Notice from Life Safety Division [February 17 J-Alert test broadcast]

A test broadcast of the National Instant Alert System (J-Alert) (Note) will be conducted in case of an earthquake or armed attack.
In addition, it will be carried out all at once in areas other than Meguro Ward.

(Note) J-Alert is a system that instantly transmits emergency information such as earthquakes and armed attacks from the national government to residents through artificial satellites.

<Training date and time>
From around 11:00 on Wednesday, February 17, 3rd year of Reiwa

<Broadcast test conducted in training>
Test broadcasts will be conducted from the disaster prevention administrative radios installed at 65 locations in the ward.

・ Broadcast content Uphill chime sound "This is a J-Alert test." 3 times "This is a disaster prevention Meguro."
Down chime sound

Issuer Meguro-ku Crisis Management Office Life Safety Division Telephone 03-5722-9164

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