Notice of Meguro-ku crowdfunding (April 2, 2021)

(This e-mail is sent to all 9 registrants of the official e-mail newsletter in Meguro-ku. It was difficult to understand that the source of the e-mail newsletter sent yesterday was Meguro-ku, so I will send it again.)

■ From the Nakameguro shopping district, which decided to cancel the Sakura project event and lighting up, the shopping district ordered a lunch box from a restaurant to thank and support the medical staff, and the hospital in Meguro Ward was free of charge. There was a suggestion that we would like to make an effort to deliver it. With the catchphrase "Kokoro ni Sakura Project," Meguro City will support this initiative.

■ Crowdfunding Notice Meguro Ward uses crowdfunding-type hometown tax payment (collecting donations from supporters of the business content on the Internet) to support this initiative by embodying the feelings of gratitude and support of many people. To do.
1. Meguro Ward accepts donations from residents and companies by crowdfunding
2. Based on the donation, subsidize the Nakameguro shopping district
3. The subsidized Nakameguro shopping district orders a lunch box from a restaurant
4. Receive a bento from a restaurant
5. Deliver lunch boxes to healthcare professionals

From April 1st to May 31st, donations will be accepted on the Furusato Choice website. Inhabitants of the ward are also eligible. You can get a tax credit by paying your hometown tax.
You can apply for donations from the following site. We ask for the cooperation of many people.

PC version: (Meguro-ku official website> Please support the "Sakura Project in the Heart" and refrain from cherry blossom viewing.)

Inquiries: Meguro-ku Secretarial Division (phone number: 03-5722-9152)

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