[Report] Online course “Introduction to Egyptian culture”

As the first cultural introduction course in Reiwa 3 (2021)
The "Egyptian Culture Open Lecture" was held on Saturday, July 31, 2021.
Mr. Haleem from Luxor, Egypt, who was invited as a lecturer, had a fun and discoverable time with his skillful speech and humor.

From the presentation by Mr. Haleem who introduced Egypt from various perspectives
Here are just a few surprising topics.

[Be careful about "praise" in Egypt? !! ]
In Japan, you use compliments such as "It's wonderful, I envy you" on a daily basis.
However, Mr. Haleem, who has just arrived in Japan, is scared to be called "envious" by Japanese people.
He thought, "Stop it." This is because in Islamic culture, "envy" = "I want yours", which is a "bad way of thinking that brings disaster" ! Before complimenting something in the Islamic world, it is important to always add the words "Masha Allah: You were blessed with God " and say "I don't feel jealous."

[○○○ originated in Egypt! !! ]
An ancient Egyptian civilization nurtured on the Nile.
Surprisingly, I learned that the following familiar ○○ also originated in Egypt (!).
In fact, beer was brewed from ancient Egypt and was popular. Islamic people have a strong image that they do not eat alcohol, and many may be surprised.
■ Bread
Modern bread, so-called "fermented bread," also originated in ancient Egypt. "I can't guarantee that the taste was the same, but …" Lol
■ Prosthesis
The oldest prosthesis in the world was discovered, and it was found that the prosthesis had been put into practical use since the ancient Egyptian era!
It is a fairly elaborately made artificial limb (prosthesis). If you are interested, please check it out and check the photos.

Many questions were answered by the participants, and it was a cozy course unique to online ♪

Next time, I would like to send you a cultural introduction course where you can enjoy the feeling of traveling for a while! looking forward to! !!

Lecturer introduction
Mr. Abdel Earl Ahmed (commonly known as Mr. Haleem)
The first time I became interested in Japanese people was when I was attending a tourism vocational school in Egypt.
What happened at the five-star restaurant I went to during the training.
I was impressed by how Japanese tourists were waiting in line with good manners.
I decided to study abroad in Japan after thinking "How can I get involved with these people?"
Now, Kansai dialect is also "well understood" by Mr. Haleem!

Day and time Saturday, July 31, 2021 10: 00-11: 30 (For those who wish to participate in the exchange meeting until 12:00)
place Participant's home (Zoom)

* Language: Japanese / Presentation "Relationship between Ancient Egypt and Japan"
·Question-and-answer session
・ (Only for those who wish) Exchange time (11:40 – 12:00)

Participation 16 people
Participant's voice (excerpt)

・ It was a very valuable experience because it was my first time to get information directly from Egyptians. thank you very much!
・ There were many things I didn't know. I learned a lot. I had never been to Egypt, but I definitely wanted to.
・ I understood the relationship between the instructor and Japan. There were surprising discoveries such as Egypt being a multi-ethnic nation, beer-producing areas, and the purpose of building the pyramids, other than the "king's tomb" that I had believed so far.

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