Youth Program “Gather together, high school students! The first step towards international exchange!”

I'm interested in international exchange, but the hurdles are too high.'' “I want to make friends with foreigners, but there aren't any opportunities. ''
" I'm looking for an event that high school students can easily participate in. "
This is an event that people like you should attend.
Interact with foreign members from diverse cultural backgrounds through quizzes and games!

Enjoy international exchange full of experiential elements by watching, listening, talking, and moving your hands★

Saturday, December 16th 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Participants will be divided into three groups and will challenge quizzes and games in groups.

*Differences in culture seen through illustrations

What a surprise? Isn't the common sense in Japan the common sense in the world? !

*Birthplace quiz

Let's all guess the birthplace of the foreign members using the hints!

*Games of foreign origin

Let's interact through games that are popular overseas!

*Culture introduction quiz

Introducing the culture of various regions

*Exchange meeting

Sweets and drinks from the foreign members' hometowns will be provided.

schedule Saturday, December 16, 2023 14:00-16:00
place Meguro International Association (MIFA)
subject 15 high school students (first come first served)
Content Quiz and game exchange session related to foreign cultures (with foreign sweets and drinks)
Entry fee free
language Japanese

What is a youth program?

Introducing the program overview and members' activity records

The people who gather here are high school students (youth volunteers) who are interested in international exchange and foreign residents who want to support high school students.
Although we are of different nationalities and age groups, our aspirations are the same. However, there are not many places where they can work in the same position…I want to connect them.
With this in mind, the " MIFA Youth Program " was launched in September 2023.

Their wish is for high school students of the same generation to experience cross-cultural exchange more closely .
"What can I do to help people feel closer to people from countries they don't meet on a daily basis, and to foreign cultures that they seem to know but don't know much about?" "I want to provide learning and experiences that are different from those at school!"
After thinking about this, we decided to plan an experiential cross-cultural exchange event together.
The actual performance will be in December.
Currently, we all meet at MIFA once a month to come up with the content for the event.

Please look forward to seeing what kind of event will be completed.

<Activity members> 6 high school students, 3 foreigners, 2 adult volunteers

Kickoff event in September. High school students and foreigners doing group work.

We are also updating our activities on MIFA official Instagram ! ( #mifa_youth_program )

▶ 1st report
▶ 2nd report (report by youth volunteer S)
▶ 3rd report (report by youth volunteer K)

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