Let’s obey the rules for garbage disposal!

◼️ Secure and thoroughly enforce rules for garbage disposal Thank you for supporting the garbage collectors every day. In order to maintain the sanitation of the town and the safety of the collection workers, please check and thoroughly confirm the rules for garbage disposal. Thank you for your cooperation. If you change the schedule of collection work, we will inform you on the website. Recyclable garbage, burnable garbage, non-burnable garbage Please observe the separation rules and collection date Be sure to wash PET bottles, bottles and cans. Put used masks, tissues, etc. in a plastic bag, tie the mouth of the bag firmly, deflate and seal it, put it in […]

Let’s play at home! “Carta DE Meguro”

"Carta DE Meguro" was created for the purpose of making Meguro's attractions more widely known by discovering new attractions, features, attractions, and culture of Meguro Ward from the perspective of junior high and high school students. Enjoy "Carta DE Meguro" at home with your family. Click here for picture cards and reading cards (46 types in total) Click here for how to play Carta