Meguro-ku new coronavirus infectious disease PCR test center was opened.

Along with the spread of new coronavirus infections, the Meguro Ward New Coronavirus PCR Test Center will be established in April 30 in collaboration with the Meguro Ward Medical Association so that family doctors can receive PCR tests if necessary. Opened on the day. Opening date April 30, 2013 (Thursday) Inspection flow If the family doctor determines that a PCR test is needed, the family doctor will make an appointment with the PCR test center. (The person cannot make a reservation directly.) The examination is performed by a doctor who belongs to the Meguro Medical Association. We will inform and explain the test results to the person who received the […]

Meguro-ku measures against a new type of coronavirus infection

Meguro City has established a Crisis Management Headquarters headed by the Mayor of Meguro, Chief of the Headquarters, on Friday, January 31, 1980, and has decided to implement measures against a new type of coronavirus infection. Inhabitants of a ward, please carry out cough etiquette and hand washing as well as cold and seasonal flu measures. Preventive efforts of each person are very important. Please cooperate by all means. Meguro ward school is closed temporarily Events such as cancellation (updated as needed) Other measures in Meguro