Dad mama birthday

The event which sends thanks to the dad mama rearing children. A bean-jam bun man comes, too! Free entrance.
The event which sends thanks to the dad mama rearing children. A bean-jam bun man comes, too! Free entrance.

To you who became “dad mama bir…

Go to the special exhibition of painters and architects who sought Japanese light!

The Meguro Museum of Art will hold a planning exhibition "Kijiro Ota and Koji Fujii-painters and architects who sought the light of Japan" until Sunday, September 8, 2019. A painter "Kojiro Ota" who pursued the technique of drawing light in Belgium and Japan. After visiting western architecture in Europe, he studied environmental engineering and aimed at harmonizing nature and housing "Koji Fujii (Fujii Koji)". These different talents meet and interact with each other through their works and letters.

Japanese Festival, Dancing Meguro Summer

The summer festival season comes to Meguro. In various places in the ward, chopsticks are erected, and the practice of dumplings and dances is coming to a close. In Tokyo, the middle of July is the period of the Bon Festival (the time of offering ancestors), and Bon dance is held in each district. Let's go out to the summer tradition, Bon Odori. Click here for information on Bon festival dances and summer festivals in each district! Komaba Bon festival dance Ikediri Ohashi Bon Odori Nakameguro Summer Festival Futenji Mitama Festival Yakumo Summer Festival Jiyugaoka Bon festival dance

Japan’s first! Micro pig cafe “mipig cafe” (the second part)

The founder's wish is that "micro pig will be loved as a pet" Continue to report on mipig cafe! We interviewed the process of opening Micro Pig Cafe in Meguro. Mr. Minagawa, the founder who loves animals, has come to England for the purpose of "I want to keep a micro pig in Japan". In the United Kingdom, in a grazing style, we saw crowded pig-growing scenes and wanted to make a micro pig farm in the same style in Japan, and we carried out crowdfunding. As a result, we were able to import micro pig from the United Kingdom. Initially, I was thinking about contact with the general public […]


Japan’s first! Micro pig cafe “mipig cafe” (the first part)

I went to a micro pig cafe! Pretty BGM in the pretty shop interior. I went to meet the pigs who live in such a relaxed home. Japan's first micro pig cafe "mipig cafe" (My Pig Cafe) has opened in Meguro 4th Street. A micro pig is a small pig with a weight of about 18 to 40 kg and a length of 30 to 100 cm. In the United Kingdom, it is accepted as a pet and a member of a family like a dog. Speaking of "pig", there may be a somewhat negative image, but the pig of mipig cafe is a friendly man and has a sweetheart […]

Kabuki and Meguro 2-Dates and Misawa Hatsuko-

Meguro has a deep connection to the events that have become the subject of Kabuki. This is a story about the Date Riot, which occurred in the early Edo period. From Nakameguro Station on the Tokyu Railway Toyoko Line, go 250 meters south of Yamate Street, and if you go 100 meters further beyond the traffic lights of nakameguro three-dimensional crossing, you will find “ShoshojiTemple”. Shogetsu-ji temple is the bodhi temple of the parents of Misawa Hatsuko. Kazuko Misawa is the wife of the third generation lord of the Sendai Clan, the wife of the wife other than the main wife, and is the real mother of the 4th clan […]