Enjoy a quiet time at the museum on a summer day!

This year has been a summer day with temperatures exceeding 30 ° C since May. Would you like to spend a quiet time at the museum on such a day? The Meguro Museum of Art is currently holding the "end of century Vienna graphic". Backed by the prosperity of printing technology and magazine media, which achieved remarkable development in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, in Vienna, a great number of wonderful works have been born, including graphics, painting, architecture and sculpture. This time, the 300 pieces of graphics held by the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, and plaster sculptures by Richard Luksch, and furniture by Adolph Loth […]

Weather Warnings

May 21 14:01 In the Tokyo area, be alert to floods of low land and rivers up until the evening of the 21st. In northern Izu Islands, in southern Izu Islands, please be aware of high waves until the evening of the 21st. 【Meguro-ku alert and warning report】 Heavy rain alert Flood damage Flood warning Warning period: 21 days Evening Caution period: 21 days Evening Lightning Warnings Gust Warning Period: 21st Evening High Wind Warning Warning Period: 21st Evening Flood Warning > Attention period: 21st evening

Samma is limited to Meguro!

Rakugo "Meguro no Sanma" ends with "Samma is limited to Meguro", but you can eat the finest pike here in "Ma ・ Mezon". About 20 years in Meguro-ku Takaban, we will welcome you with "Sanma Rice Roll" on the sign menu. A sake boom is happening for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games. You can also enjoy carefully selected sakes here at "Ma ・ Mezon". Japan is in the season of rice planting, a raw material for sake. Let's spend a warm evening with delicious Japanese food and sake. Ma ・ Mezon University of Arts and Sciences

Spring flowers are in full bloom in Meguro-ku

In Meguro-ku, spring flowers such as azaleas, pansies and lupines are in full bloom. If you walk from Ikejiri Ohashi Station to Sugakari Park while looking at the fresh green Meguro River, you will see the beautiful roses of Mikimoto Co., Ltd. famous for Mikimoto pearl just near Sugakari Park. The rose flowers here are colorful and the number of flowers is a masterpiece. After enjoying the flowers, enjoy the smell of coffee at Starbucks , and at night, a wrestler Suzuki chans his cooking arm and eats a chanko pot at "Meshi Sakaba Suzuki chan " and sweats at a public bath "Cultural bath spring" How about refreshing it?

KAMIYON festival

Delicious bread and bazaars and treats! Annual festival!
Delicious bread and bazaars and treats! Annual festival!

Kamiyon ateliers are the social welfare facilities where Kami-meguro is in 4-Chome. The whole Facilities as well as sale of homemade…

It is dawn from today. Aquarius η meteor shower may be seen

It is "rise summer" which is one of the twenty-four-day summer season (a division of one year into spring, summer, autumn and winter and the season divided into six). This “rise summer” period is also suitable for tea picking because the weather is considered stable. This "rise summer" is also the time when the Aquarius period meteor shower is actively active. How about looking at the starry night on a sunny day? Have a delicious dinner while telling the story of the stars Kyoto Style French Bar Yamaya Cub (tempura)

The curtain of the era of Reiwa has opened

"Reiwa" is a era selected from the ancient Japanese songbook "Manyoshu". In the north-west corner of the “Meguro Kuminkan Campus”, there is a monument of the Manyoshu. The song has a three-rock song carved on a circular stone. These songs were enshrined by Ebara-gun (the area of southwest Tokyo including Meguro-ku) around the 8th century (Sakimori: military personnel guarding the border between the ancient Chinese continent and the Korean peninsula and Kyushu) and his wife It is Since the song was a period without hiragana characters and katakana characters, it is written in many leaf kana with the dialect of the eastern country (near the Kanto region including the present […]