Grandpa’s homemade cheesecake!

Speaking of grandpa's cheesecake in Meguro, "JOHAN". It is a long-established store founded in 1978. Patissiers are mainly grandpas in their 70s. We have kept the same taste since our founding. There are four types of such cheesecakes. It is a food report of Meguro sightseeing portal editorial staff. natural The basics of Johan's cheesecake, natural, have a moderate sourness and richness but are very simple, so you can always enjoy them. It is a taste that will be enjoyed by everyone, from children to the elderly. Recommended for souvenirs. Sour soft The refreshing sour cream on the rich cheesecake is just exquisite! Recommended for people who like sourness ♪ […]

MEGURO Free Wi-Fi access points will increase

Free Wi-Fi can be used in the following places. Please use it when you come to Meguro. Access point to be added Open wave from March 1 Komaba University of Tokyo Station Yutenji station square (station rotary) In front of Senzoku Station (in front of Tokyu Store) Jiyugaoka Station (before the Tokyu Oimachi Line ticket gate) Ookayama station square Midorigaoka Station Scheduled to open from March 5 to 17 In front of Tokyo College of Music Nakameguro station square Toei University Station Access points available in Meguro-ku

Let’s prevent the spread of infectious disease!

The spread of the new coronavirus infection and influenza is expanding. In Meguro Ward, the event sponsored in March has been canceled or postponed in principle. In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, the efforts of each of the residents are very important. We have collected information for preventing infectious diseases. Booklet "Multilingual Guidebook for Medical Institution Consultation-A Guide to Infectious Disease Symptoms" (Click here) How to make a mask using kitchen paper href=””>Added information on medical institutions and pharmacies in Tokyo

Gyojinzaka Great Fire 250-year Anniversary of the Five hundred Arhat Stone Buddhas “Mandoe”

■ Contents; "program" ◆ 16: 00 Music dedication “Tsugaru Shamisen Koyama-ryu” 17:00 Mandoe Memorial Service ■ Special limited sale: "500 Hyakukan" Goshiki / Lucky Set <Morning fee> 1,000 yen (300 sets only) ■ Venue: Shorinzan Daienji Temple (1-8-5, Shimomeguro) ■ Access: 5 minutes on foot from JR Meguro Station / Tokyu Meguro Line "Meguro Station" ※Please use the public transportation