Let’s play at home! “Carta DE Meguro”

"Carta DE Meguro" was created for the purpose of making Meguro's attractions more widely known by discovering new attractions, features, attractions, and culture of Meguro Ward from the perspective of junior high and high school students. Enjoy "Carta DE Meguro" at home with your family. Click here for picture cards and reading cards (46 types in total) Click here for how to play Carta

Let’s play “Corona Countermeasures Tokyo Karuta”!

In order to make it easier to remember what you have to do as a measure against the new coronavirus infectious disease, we created "Corona Measure Tokyo Karuta". Why don't you spend more time at home with "Corona Countermeasure Tokyo Karuta", which was created based on the ideas sent by everyone? Click here for how to play Carta * You can download "Corona Countermeasure Tokyo Karuta" from here.