Kazuhisa Yuumi Build Yutenji Temple

This year marks the 260th anniversary of Yukai Jinjin who erected Yutenji. In this milestone, I will introduce the half-life of Yukai, who worked hard to build the foundation of Yutenji. In addition to the “Midori Yukai Jinjinza” statue, a cultural property designated by Meguro Ward, we will also unveil temple treasures such as Buddhist paintings and books drawn by Yukai. [Date and time] From Friday, November 1, 2019 to Sunday, November 3/10: 00-16: 00 [Place] Yutenji Treasure Exhibition Room / Main Hall (5-24-53 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku) Free admission. 7 minutes on foot from Tokyu Toyoko Line "Yutenji Station" [Related programs] (held in the main hall every day during the period, […]

Meguro City Run After Event “Nakame Sports Festival” will be held!

On the day of the Meguro City Run, the “Nakame Sports Festival” will be held for all runners and everyone who supports them to enjoy Nakameguro. Click here for event flyer Event contents: [Food & drink] Food: Minatomachi Bar Drink: solfa Drink: hymnscoffee Drink: NAKAMEGURO REMON SAWAS Food: Sumi-chan cafeteria Food: HillValley Drink: Yutenji Radio Akamaru etc … 【stage】 Hula Dance: Puake Kenyeni Acer: Little Star Dance Gospel: Voice on Voices Live: TEAM FATHERMUSIC Enbu: Nanjing Tamada Sudoku Meguro Invitation Club Yosakoi: Nakameguro MG Yosako Iurabu Kids play area: Monsters Sport experience: Boccia etc … Date: Sunday, November 24, 2019, 8: 00-16: 00 Rainy weather Place: Meguro River Admission Square

Kansenji (Meguro Fudo) Gansu Festival

Yusenji Meguro Fudoson is the oldest Fudo sacred ground in the Kanto region. The principal is Fudo Myoo. It is one of the five color immovables and one of Japan's three major immovables. Benefits include good luck, fulfillment of various applications, and marriage. Yusenji Temple It is also one of the prayer bills of Edo 33 Kannon, and there is a matchmaking Aizen Myoo and Ebisu from around Yamanote Shichifukujin . Every year on October 28th, the “Kansho Festival” is a festival that celebrates Kunyo Aoki, an orchid scholar who has grown sweet potato cultivation. It is held on this day, with the closing date of October 12th and 28th […]

#Nakameguro #Syougakuji-temple 400th Anniversary

Nakameguro Shokakuji will be held in commemoration of the history of 400 years in this area after opening in the Edo period. 【program】 ■ Memorial festival opening ceremony ・ Location: Main stage ・ Time: 10:00 ■ Statement Performance A precious stage where you can experience the live of the sutras by Tendai Buddhism, Shingon Buddhism, and Nichiren Buddhism. ・ Location: Main stage ・ Time: 16:00 ■ Rakugo You can enjoy rakugo by Ayumi Sanyutei, who attracts fans with a light narrative that incorporates imitations. ・ Location: Main Hall ・ Time: 18:00 ■ Children's fair A place of play for old-fashioned children in a temple! Become a kid-friendly ninja and clear […]

#Rugby World Cup 2019 ™ Japan #Quarter Final #Japan vs South Africa #Wales vs France #Public Viewing!

Public viewing of the final tournament (quarter final), in which the Japanese national team will participate, will be held in Meguro-ku, following the qualifying pool. One for all, All for one! ■ Date: Sunday, October 20 ■ Venue: Meguro Gakuin Memorial Hall (1-1-50 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku) ■ Opening: 15:30 ■ Game / Start time: (1) Wales vs France, 16:15 kickoff (2) Kick-off between Japan and South Africa at 19:15 ■ Capacity: 300 people (first-come-first-served basis) ■ Admission: Free ■ Organizer: Meguro Rugby Football Association ■ Support: Meguro Ward ■ Contact: Meguro Rugby Football Association info@megurorugby.org

ここはどこ?これは何? Where is this place? What is this

#富士 が 見える #行人坂 の麓 で、道を外れた#恋人 に何を思い、この#井戸 で#水垢離 を 取ったのでしょうか。#不動明王 に恋人の救いを求めて#目黒不動 へ #観音菩薩 に己の苦しみと恋人への懺悔を聞いてもらうため#浅草寺 へ #1万日 彼は歩き続けたそうです。 ホテル雅叙園東京 #What can I do to my #lover who was off the road at the foot of Ginjin-zaka where I see Fuji? #In search of my lover's salvation by Fudo Myo # To Meguro Fudo # To Kannon へ to hear her suffering and confession to her lover # To Sensoji Temple # 10,000 days He seems to have continued walking. Hotel Gajoen Tokyo