Season when pot is happy #Nabe

One of the seventy-two days of the calendar that represents the season is called Koyuki. Today, this light snow In the middle of the season, it is called a folding screen leaflet. When the cold north wind drops the leaves of the trees. “Breeze” means the north wind. The fallen leaves that spread all over the ground and the trees that dropped the leaves are a symbol of the winter landscape, and it seems that the seasons change. Snow has begun to fall in Nagano, but it has become cold in Tokyo Meguro. In such a case, let's enjoy having a warm pot with friends! Ebisu Senzoku Main Store Chanko […]

To protect the future of the earth, you are also an Eco Ranger … Eco Festival Meguro 2019

December is Global Warming Prevention Month! There are a lot of events where you can experience and learn about ecology, such as booths and workshops of environmental activity groups in the city. ■ Venue Tendo Fureaikan, Tado Square Park (Meguro 1-chome 25-26-8) JR Yamanote Line / Tokyu Meguro Line “ Meguro Station '' 10 minute walk * Please use public transportation when you visit. ■ Date December 8, 2019 (Sunday) 10: 00-15: 00 ■ Contents [Tadom Fureaikan] A workshop area, an area that teaches ideas for living, an eco-experience / eco-shopping area, an area where you can learn by seeing and listening, an introduction to Meguro's efforts, etc. [Children's Eco […]

Nakameguro Akari Festival 2019

The Nakameguro Akari Festival has become a winter feature of Nakameguro. Besides fantastic illuminations, fun events are also held. Please come to Nakameguro. ■ GT illumination Illumination of Nakameguro GT that became a winter feature. Warm light colors the town. ・ Location: GT Tower Square + Snake Ridge Green Road ・ Period: November 18 (Monday) to January 10, 2020 (Friday) ・ Time: 16: 30-23: 00 ■ Light gate "Nakameguro Gate Sky" Yuta Takahashi Color lighting for Nakameguro GT Tower's piloti. The fantastic sky of light that appears on the ceiling and gate facade leads us to the world of stories. ・ Location: GT Tower Building Piloti ・ Period: December 14 […]

Warmth of handmade furniture-Meguro Interior Street

On Meguro Street in Tokyo, there are 1950's and 1960's casual American furniture, Eames design furniture, British and French antique furniture, Scandinavian furniture, pine-based natural furniture, authentic shop furniture, Shops that cater to a wide range of needs from shop use to individual use, such as shops that handle miscellaneous goods and creative goods selected by the owner's concept, galleries that handle sensitive paintings, curtains using high-quality cloths, and specialty stores with sofas There are more than 60. For this reason, it seems that Meguro Street has been called “Interior Street” since around 2000. This time, we will introduce two stores with cafes and restaurants. Point No.39 This is a […]

Gelato featured in winter 1

Speaking of sweets in Meguro, Jiyugaoka. The popular gelato is also famous for Gelateria Vitali (closed in winter) and AmiCono . But there are other popular gelato stores in Meguro-ku besides Jiyugaoka. Here are two such gelato stores! Pre Marche Gelateria (Nakameguro) The website says “Kyoto Sanjo + Kitayama & Nakameguro, an alternative gelato store”, and there are three directly managed stores. “From traditional milk-based gelato, to vegan and non-milk gelato, superfoods and flavors that make use of traditional ingredients. I want to weave the sweetness that connects with happiness for you and the world as possible. " Then, I immediately tried 4 types recommended by the store clerk at […]

Meguro delicious ramen special feature 1

Meguro City Run will be held tomorrow. It was completely cold, and warm food became a delicious season. That's why this time is a ramen special! There are many popular ramen shops in Meguro. Hundred noodles The first store is Hyakumen Nakameguro . I recommend Negira Ramen. This leek ramen is a delicious combination of spicy leek, pork bone soup and fine noodles. Of course, you can also choose thick noodles. Order with thick noodles, then add extra thin noodles and enjoy them twice. Please come after the marathon! Sunada The second store is Tonkotsu noodle sand field . Carefully made pork bone soy soup has a mild and gentle […]