Watch out for infections

In Tokyo, influenza epidemic warning has been issued. To prevent infections, wash your hands frequently with running water and soap. Thoroughly wash your hands especially before going out or coughing, and before touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. When coughing, protect your etiquette by covering your mouth and nose with a tissue, and wear a surgical mask to avoid infection of people around you. Avoid places where many people gather. Booklet "Multilingual Guidebook for Medical Institution Consultation-A Guide to Infectious Disease Symptoms" (Click here)

Meguro Gourmet Burger Special 1

It is only a few before the new year. By the way, do you know? There are many gourmet burger restaurants in Meguro Ward. So, this time we will introduce 3 stores in Nakameguro from among the many. GOLDEN BROWN Main Store "GOLDEN BROWN" is located about 10 minutes on foot from Nakameguro on Yamate Dori. It is the only famous hamburger specialty store among the world's 50 best restaurants selected by the British magazine MONOCLE MAGAZINE. The hamburger in the photo is "Classic Hamburger". Enjoy patties made from lean Australian beef, light buns made from wild yeast, and hamburgers made from carefully selected ingredients. SASA BURGER "SASA BURGER" is […]

Carta DE Meguro 1-Meguro bamboo shoots and Shiki Masaoka’s haiku

In the early 20th century, bamboo shoots were Meguro. The method of cultivating bamboo shoots was so famous that it was called "Meguro-style". At present, only a few Meguro farmers remain in Setagaya. Shiki Masaoka, a poet at the end of the 19th century, writes his memories of eating bamboo shoots in Meguro in the next haiku. "Bamboo shoots and Meguro's beauty" The shop that ate bamboo shoot rice is said to be Botanjeong. In front of Meguro Fudomon, Kaku Ise, the great nation, Uchidaya, etc. were famous at the time, and there was no Peony-tei. According to Furushima, there was a peony blooming in front of the shop. It […]

Sweet Potato and Aoki Kunyo #SweetPotatoFestival #MeguroFudo

On cold nights, it's nice to have a warm meal by eating Hokuhoku. Although the number has decreased, you can see a baked potato shop that smells fragrant around the city. Speaking of baked potatoes, sweet potatoes. The place name is the same as the name. About 420 years ago, in the beginning of the Edo period, it was introduced to Japan through Ryukyu and cultivated for the first time in Bonotsu, Kagoshima Prefecture. There are various names in the early days, such as “Bansho” meaning Chinese camellia from an undeveloped country, “Kanshyo” meaning sweet potato, It was delicious, but it was called “Satsuma Hachiri” because it hit the “Guri” […]